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Drink Your Water

I have been doing something the last few days that have helped me keep up with my water intake. Right now I’m drinking the nestle pure life bottled water – also when I take the xls medical I use it. I’ve been getting out four bottles and I number them. That way I keep up… Read More »

Weight Loss Challenge 1

Drink a big glass of water today before every meal. It will help fill you up and in turn, you will eat less! Water is so important and we should be drinking half our body weight in ounces but that’s hard to start overnight. We’ll start small! Comment on here if you did it today!

Need to lose 20 lbs

I have really struggled with my body after having my first baby, before I got pregnant I was 120 lbs (maybe) and then I got hips and a chest and I know that I will never get back into my size 0 clothes (I got rid of them a LONG time ago) but I am… Read More »

An Office Full Of Calories

Our office is definitely a harbour for sweet things, from cakes to biscuits, crisps to chocolate. I would say at-least 90% of the time-there is some sort of tempting sweet treat on-the go. Some days I shock myself with my will power and other days I have less will power when compared to a cat… Read More »