An Office Full Of Calories

By | June 9, 2013

Our office is definitely a harbour for sweet things, from cakes to biscuits, crisps to chocolate. I would say at-least 90% of the time-there is some sort of tempting sweet treat on-the go. Some days I shock myself with my will power and other days I have less will power when compared to a cat chasing a mouse! Now was the later, a Victoria sponge cake was WON by one of my colleagues and I simply could not resist. Free cake equals free calories right?

I actually do feel like a might pop and possess the food guilt again! But to balance it out I did get a salad and jacket potato at lunch, so it wasn’t all awful! Hmm likely not too much! So to compensate for my absence of will power tonight as I’m running a-half marathon in 2 months time I’m going to have to try and up my running and make it to four maybe five miles, particularly!

So my dearth of cake related will power has slipped in the wrong time I’ve also just got 9 days until Marbs! Although I did try my bikini on again yesterday and I’ve lost pounds and even I can see the distinction.

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