3 thoughts on “Fast Food

  1. michelle127

    I try to avoid fast food, but sometimes you just cant. I try to pick the healthiest thing I can. At McDonalds, which I dont really like too much, I get the grilled chicken sandwich, parfait and diet coke. At Burger king, I LOVE their grill chicken salad, but Ive noticed its more expensive lately. So, I get 2 side salads for £1 a peice. Just leave off the croutons because they are almost 200 cal a pack! Lol. Fast food really isnt my problem its my fave chinese place!

  2. bambalam

    I have a serious french fry addiction. It is the only thing I eat fried and the only thing I get from fast food. I have been given fries and requesting fries since I was a toddler. I hate it 🙁

  3. michelle127

    Now you have me craving some checkers fries…yumm.

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