10 Incredibly Healthy Foods

By | March 25, 2014

There is currently a lot of contention about what food is healthy and what is not. So we have put together a list of incredibly healthy foods which are high in nutrition to help you lose weight but still have a nutritious diet.


healthy-foodsThere is so much in this little nut:

  • antioxidants – rich in vitamin E,
  • protein – feel fuller while eating less,
  • fibre,
  • monounstaurated fats – great for lowering LDL cholesterol,
  • loads of vitamins and mineral – full of magnesium and potassium which is great for heart health and blood pressure.

They are quite rich in calories so don’t eat too many of them, but the great thing about almonds is that they have got so many good things in them you don’t have too.

Ball Peppers

One of the few fruits which are high in vitamin C but low in calories. But thats not all, they provide antioxidants (carotenoids) which have a load of health benefits including lowering the risk of heart disease. Oh and they make you more attractive apparently.


High in protein but low in fat and calories. They do contain a little cholesterol but as long as you don’t eat more than four yokes a week studies show that it has no detrimental effect on your health.

Olive Oil

Full of MULFAs (monounsaturated fatty acids) olive oil is great for your heart and keeps you feeling full for longer periods according to one study. It actually lowers the risk of heart disease and lowers you blood cholesterol levels. On a gram for gram basis it is pretty high in calories so don’t add too much.


When prepared the right way – as in to deep fried or covered in butter  – potatoes are incredibly healthy:

  • Virtually fat free
  • Relativity low in calories
  • Low in cholesterol
  • Rich in vitamins C and B

One study concluded that the purple ones may lower your blood pressure too.

Red Wine

You may of heard about the health benefits of drinking red wine moderately but suspected they weren’t true, well they are. Red wine is low in calories but a powerful antioxidant  and may reduce the chance of blood clots as well. Just don’t drink too much of it (no more than one glass for women and two for men daily).

Milk (skimmed)

I might be hard to get used to if you have been brought up on the fattier type of milk but the fat is the only bad part in it so without it you have a low fat, nutrient rich (potassium, calcium and vitamin D) drink.


They contain twice as much vitamin C than oranges (for their equivalent weight), are packed with fibre and are retentively low in calories.


We all need H2O for our bodies to function but most of us don’t drink enough of the stuff apparently. It is an essential part of our diet for absorbing nutrients from food removing waste from the body and many other processes. And it a zero calories (no other food can claim this one).

Dark Chocolate

Yep, it is good for you – in moderation remember. Cocoa (dark chocolate contains for than milk chocolate) desrves all the praise here: it lowers blood pressure, raises levels of good cholesterol and lowers levels of bas LDL cholesterol and improve insulin sensitivity. It is however high in calories and fat so XLS Medical may be able to help you with this one by reducing the fat absorption but taking the rest.

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