Does Cutting Out Carbohydrates Help With Weight Loss?

By | February 3, 2014

carbsFor most of us a new year is a chance to be able to start (or at least try to) our health and diet routines, and lose those extra pounds that we put on over the festive period. Extreme and fad diets look like a great idea initially but are usually hard to keep up and can actually hinder your quest to accomplish a sustainable and healthy diet. This could be the reason why nearly 40% of dieters fail on their New Year dieting resolutions in the first 2 weeks.

Cut Out Carbohydrates?

A lot of people also erroneously resort to cutting out a whole food group like carbs, fat or sugar to thinking that this is the way to lose weight. The truth is, new research from the makers of XLS-Medical shows that more than one third of men and woman who decided to remove a food group such as carbs from their diets never reached their goal weight.

Carb guilt

This influences nearly 50% or women with 2 in 5 saying the guilt worries them more than having a row with a partner! Despite the fact eating the right amount of carbs make us feel happier (over one fifth) and less prone to crave bites (over one quarter), 10% admit that they’ll starve themselves to compensate for eating carbs and more than 25% will save up their carb quota for a carbohydrate binge on the weekend.

XLS-Medical Carb Blocker

So if you find it almost impossible to resist carbs then why not try XLS-Medical Carb Blocker, a clinically proven, naturally derived, supplement which, just like their fat binder, will help you lose around three times more weight than just dieting cold turkey style. The pills help reduce the calories consumed from food cravings together with dietary carbs, enabling you to have a diverse diet and lose weight, without really having to cut out carbs at all.

“A diet low in complex carbs will make individuals feel hungry, this may result in snacking on foods high in fat and simple sugars,” notes a Professor in Health Psychology. “Eating complex carbs creates a sense of fullness and satisfaction, reducing a need to snack, and making individuals more inclined to consume healthy, regular meals only.” By taking XLS-Medical Carb Blocker, you’re able to enjoy your carbohydrates along with well balanced meals even if you are a bit of a carb-o-holic.

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