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How to Lose Weight Consistently

The difficult bit is over, if you’re inspired to lose excess weight and have begun a diet and workout regimen! The next thing to do would be to ensure you keep to your program in the future. Although combining exercise, diet and these supplements is a healthier way to shake off excess weight, you might… Read More »

Im not really that fat, am I?

When I look at myself in the mirror, yeah…I know I’m fat. I feel like I don’t look my weight. Then I see pictures and I’m like Holy S***! Lol. Why is that. I think I have a mental image of me, how I want/think I look like and its so wrong…lol.

Im going to McDonalds!

BUT I promise to be good. A grilled chicken sandwich and a parfait…diet coke and I’m taking my XLS Medical. I still haven’t sanitized my kitchen since our lil house guest destroyed it. I know he was on the counter because he got in our bread! So I’m gonna take dd to get something and… Read More »

Body By Vi

A good friend of mine has turned me on the the Body By Vi 30 day challenge. It is a healthy and tasty way to lose weight. I personally have tasted the shakes and they are amazing, it tastes like cake mix. If you decide you want to start the challenge you can click on… Read More »