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Confidence and Weight Loss

Self confidence is something that’s not completely actual and may be hard to define. Broadly, it’s a private awareness of skill, capacity and value that is connected to being happy and your health. For lots of individuals, their physical appearance is associated with their confidence: If they believe they look fantastic, they will feel great.… Read More »

Weight Loss Challenge 1

Drink a big glass of water today before every meal. It will help fill you up and in turn, you will eat less! Water is so important and we should be drinking half our body weight in ounces but that’s hard to start overnight. We’ll start small! Comment on here if you did it today!

Need to lose 20 lbs

I have really struggled with my body after having my first baby, before I got pregnant I was 120 lbs (maybe) and then I got hips and a chest and I know that I will never get back into my size 0 clothes (I got rid of them a LONG time ago) but I am… Read More »