Survey Reveals That Two Thirds Of The Irish Consider Themselves Fat

By | February 5, 2014

fatA number of surveys by XLS Medical reveals some surprising facts about the Irish and their weight.

  • One has shown that one in five Irish females say they avoid having sex when they feel overweight.
  • Another that over 66% of men and women think of themselves as overweight and half consider unhealthy eating is the principal reason behind their weight gain.
  • Yet, two fifths consider an expanding waistline along with other indications of being overweight is a just part of life as you get older
  • Around 30% of girls need to eliminate excess weight in order to feel that they are attractive. In comparison, only half of that of men feel their attractiveness is influenced by how much they weigh.
  • More than 80% of females believe action should be taken by them in order to fit right into the clothing size of their choice.
  • The tummy and waistline are the most typical regions of the body where grownups have a tendency to go up in size.
  • For anyone attempting to stick to a healthy diet, nearly around 30% consider chocolate to be their largest temptation.
  • For females who are dieting over four fifths state that feeling their clothes suit them is the maximum motivator to stay on a diet.
  • Men are really stimulated with a sense of getting more energy and by finding out how much progress they have made on the scales.

Expert Opinion

Referring to this this XLS-Medical survey, an adviser dietitian said: “It is looks clear that feeling good about yourself and positive thinking are closely linked to keeping a healthier weight and way of life. Feeling overweight can influence on all facets of an individual’s life and will make taking even the smallest measures towards an improved lifestyle look like a momentous job. Anyone planning to slim and be fitter should seek on-going support to inspire them and help them remain on course.”

A Finnish weight loss expert, says it’s vital that doctors are honest with their patients about their weight problems. “Doctors should not be scared, they must tell their patients that they are overweight and that they need to lose it. In my own practice, where they have come to seek my help with their weight, if I say, for example, ‘Your son is overweight,’ they’ve a problem accepting it.”

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