Tips On How To Stay Motivated While Losing Weight

By | August 27, 2013

weight loss tipsStaying motivated is the key to dieting success. Most of us fall off the wagon when we are a few weeks in to a new diet as the novelty of the diet has worn off and you begin missing your old eating habits. there are always a few setbacks with any diet, it’s how you deal with them which will determine whether the diet is a success or failure. Here we share our top 10 dieting motivational tips.

  1. Remember to congratulate yourself on what you’ve achieved instead of cursing yourself for what you haven’t. If you’ve lost six pounds but need to lose two stone, remember you are one step closer to achieving your goal.
  2. Think about the reasons why he wanted to lose weight in the first place. When you find yourself starting to lapse and reaching for that biscuit tin it’s a good idea to review the initial goals you had in mind when you started the diet – this should get your motivation back on track.
  3. Many small steps are easier to achieve than one big one. Instead of setting your self an unachievable goal set yourself easy smaller steps and only move onto the next one when you are happy to.
  4. Recognise the success you have achieved so far by allowing yourself a reward whether it’s a trip to the cinema or a glossy magazine – just make sure it’s not a high calorie food.
  5. The success or failure of your weight loss plan would depend on how you act when things don’t go as planned. Don’t just give up, you need to focus on the ultimate goal and carry on.
  6. Keep a record of what you eat, when you eat it and why you eat it. This should help identify those occasions where you eat while not being hungry. You should only eat to satisfy hunger and not to cheer yourself up or stimulate boredom.
  7. While eating take your time digest each mouthful of food. Your brain won’t realise that you have a full stomach until 20 minutes at the event.
  8. There are some great motivational speakers to be found on you chew and other video sites. many of them will not be speaking about weight loss directly but their motivational techniques can still be applied to great effect.
  9. If you find it hard to stay motivated imagine yourself looking thinner, healthier and fitter. If you are thinner when you are younger a photo of yourself then can help you keep focused.
  10. As you lose weight and your dress size decreases get rid of all those old clothes which are now too big for you. You will not be going back to that dress size again.
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