XLS Medical Direct Prices Compared

direct_200wXLS Medical Direct comes in the form of sachets as opposed to tablets. This allows you to use this clinically proven weight management aid more conveniently while on the move, not requiring any liquid to take it.

Below we compare the prices of  this popular weight management aid listing all reputable stockists. Prices are checked and updated on a daily basis.

Pack Sizes: 30 = 10 days supply | 90 = 1 month supply.

XLS Medical is designed to facilitate weight loss by regulating the body’s intake of fats and other nutrients. It has been clinically tested and showed to achieve fat burning three times easier and faster as compared to other measures like exercising and dieting.

How It Works

XLS Medical works by regulating the body’s intake of nutrients like fats and calories; directly impacting the body’s fat deposits and weight. Among other nutrients, it comes with natural fibres harnessed from the leaves of the cactus plant. When ingested after meals, these fibres make the body feel full while also aiding in digestion. This works to curb the body’s appetite, reducing the amount of food eaten and consequently reducing the intake of nutrients like fats and calories which significantly contribute to excess body weight.

In addition to fibres, it also comes with other fat soluble nutrients like vitamins D, E and A. Since they are fat soluble, these nutrients are utilized in the body to ensure optimal performance without adding to the body’s fat deposits. In addition to these nutrients, the fat binder comes with other ingredients like:

  • natural flavour,
  • natural fruit-juice powder,
  • citric acid,
  • Xylitol,
  • magnesium stearate
  • colloidal silicon dioxide

In addition to facilitating fast and simple weight loss, this fat binder also comes with other conveniences like:

A delicious taste

XLS Medical Direct comes in powder form. This makes it easy to simply mix the powder with water and drink to facilitate fat burning. Furthermore, the powder is flavoured using natural fruit-juice flavours like berry. This gives it an appealing taste, making it delicious and ideal for use by everyone.

Easy and fast to use

The powder come packed in sachets which are light, small and easy to open. This makes it easy for users to carry it around while on the move as it is easy and fast to use at any time and from anywhere. Furthermore, it saves users the fatigue and pangs which come with other weight-loss measures like dieting and exercising.

Directions for use

XLS-Medical Direct is easy to use thanks to its powder form. For optimal results, it is advised that one sachet of powder be taken with water after every meal.


Since this product works by regulating the body’s intake of fats and other nutrients, caution is advised before use for people who:

  • Are pregnant or likely to get pregnant. This should further be observed till completion of breastfeeding.
  • Women who are past menopause and old people in general as they are usually at a high risk of developing osteoporosis.
  • Have a BMI lower than 18.5.
  • Eat liver and liver products as these contain retinol, which is also contained among the ingredients as Vitamin A.

In addition to this, doctor advice should also be sought before use by:

  • People who have an underlying medical condition and/or are under any medication.
  • People suffering from diabetes as this product works by balancing glucose levels and may hence significantly impact on the condition.
  • People suffering from other kidney related diseases such as kidney stones.
  • People using medication for reducing cholesterol.

Overall, XLS-Medical Direct is recommended for use by people aged 18 years.


Clinical tests and reviews have revealed that users note significant weight loss in as little as three days of usage, depending on body structure and other factors. Furthermore, to ensure safety for users, XLS-Medical powder comes without preservatives, salts and artificial colourings.

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