XLS-Medical Max Strength Prices

Pack Sizes: 40 = 10 days supply | 120 = 1 month supply | 360 = 3 months supply

This is currently one of the most effective supplements when it comes to weight loss. Taking XLS-Medical Max Strength daily has been shown to be 3 times more effective than dieting alone and this means that you can attain your weight loss goal much quicker.

This new supplement reduces calorie intake from sugar, fat and carbohydrates (similar products including XLS’s other supplements usually only deal with one of these food types). This makes it a product that is ideal for those who have a balanced diet and want to lose weight quickly.

Its active ingredient, Clavitanol is a patented organic plant that reduces both the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat, carbohydrates and sugar. The combination of a carb, sugar and fat blocking formula results in low intake of calorie which aids in the losing of weight at a higher rate compared to through exercises and dieting. The product also lowers both insulin and blood glucose levels which helps in controlling food cravings with blood glucose monitoring.

The Science

Clavitanol (the active ingredient) blocks the activities of a number of digestive enzymes such as alpha glucosidase, lipase and alpha amylase but not entirely. This leads to a decrease in the ability of the enzymes to break down sugar, fat and carbohydrates.

Due to lack of digestion, the food cannot be absorbed into the body in the intestine and thus one loses weight quickly, and the undigested food are passed naturally through the system.

Gentle On Human Body

XLS Max Strength is a product sourced from natural organic plants and hence it is natural and well tolerated by the body. The product has been certified as a Medical Device Class II(b), this means that it has been tested for efficacy and safety. XLS-Medical has an already well established tolerability and safety profile and it can be bought from chemists without a prescription.

Getting The Best Results

XLS-Medical Max Strength has helped many dieters across Europe in losing weight. The product is very effective at helping people lose weight on its own but also one requires a long-term commitment to a healthy lifestyle so as to meet ones dieting goals.


It is recommended that you take 2 tablets with liquid – preferably water – up to 30 minutes before the two main meals of the day. Taking a dosage of more than 4 tablets per day is not recommended. Drinking plenty of water during the day will greatly help in digestion and keeping you hydrated.

These supplements can also be used safely after you attain your weight loss goals to maintain a healthy weight. You can take it, for example, before taking a calorie-rich meal so as to maintain your weight and prevent excess gain.

Does XLS-Medical Max Work?

These tablets have been clinically tested. Results show that it can help people lose weight. Clinical studies have also been carried out to ascertain if it is safe and efficient.

The findings of these studies proved that it is

  • An efficient product.
  • Safe to use long term.

The product works by reducing the intake level of calories from sugar, carbohydrates and fat; and at the same time it is gentle to the human body.

User Questions & Answers

Q: Can I take this while also taking their the appetite reducer?

There is no need to take any other type of pill while using this one, as this one will help with your appetite. Stay well hydrated and you will notice your cravings decrease. I am 5 weeks into this and have currently lost 12lbs.

Q: Do these make you need the toilet frequently?

No, not for me anyway. But on the other hand you may react differently to them.

I have heard some reports that some do, but I didn’t personally.

No you don’t they had no affect either way, unlike some diet pills.

Is there a pill box included in the pack?

Yes there is.

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