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If you have used or are using any of the XLS products, please share your experience with us and others who are considering using it by submitting a review below. Until we use a product ourselves we can only go on the opinion and experiences of other with the product. Check out the reviews below to see what other are saying about XLS Medical.

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Just started

Jun 02, 2017 by Ana

I have just started today so will update my review as I go along. I've weighed myself and coming in at 12st 3.5lbs ...... fingers crossed

May 02, 2017 by XL-S sachet

I have just started today taking XL-S sachets. At first my throats felt like it was burning and I was gagging to the point I had to have a drink straight after emptyingg the sachet in my mouth. I plan to slowly pour the sachet in parts into my mouth and not all at once. Hopefully this doesn't affect what it's main purpose is. My scales day I am 84.8 and I want to get down to 75. will post update 12 days from today. Hard to rate when just starting out

XLS fat binder

Apr 27, 2017 by Sang

I have been using this product 2 weeks . No side effects but no change in weight. I have not started my workouts yet. Following 1500 diet plan. Hope wil get good results after a month

Xls medical sachets

Apr 15, 2017 by Julie GOODISON

Two weeks ago i felt and looked podgy and bloated. As i was shopping in my local Home Bargains store i noticed they were selling xls sachets, 30 for under a fiver so thought I'd try them. I didn't hold out much hope but at that price nothing ventured nothing gained. I only Take one after I've eaten food with high fat content so the sachets last more than 10 days. They are very pleasant tasting and they have a texture like sherbet. Although i don't know what weight i am ( as i have no scales ) i know i have lost weight as i can do up a pair of trousers that two weeks ago weren't even close to doing up. I have cut down a little bit but not much and still eat cakes and chocolate. I have had no bad side effects and will definitely be purchasing more ?

Xls medical

Mar 16, 2017 by Dianne

Hiya ive put 6 pound on in 5 days and not one pound has go off me so i not at all happy with this i email them 3 days ago and not one email back so i would not bye them again

Jan 30, 2017 by Evonne b

If you use XLS for at least 2-3 months and do as instructed it's going to work. It helped me and my husband lose weight and we're on track to get to our target weight before the summer. I bought 3 months worth of Max Strength of Amazon at a great price thanks to this site.

Carb blocker

Jan 17, 2017 by Sarah Whittaker

I took XLS Carb Blockers for one month, as directed, whilst ensuring that I didn't eat more than 2000 cals a day. No effect whatsoever. In fact, put on weight and craved sugar even more. Was also constipated - which I never normally am. Waste of money. Would have given zero stars, had I been allowed.

It has worked for me

Aug 21, 2016 by jennifer

Too expensive but yes, for me, I have lost about 8 pound, (only need to lose 10 altogether) in about 2 months. I have to say I haven't been brilliant at remembering to take it mind sometimes only use it for my main meal. I only have 2 meals a day anyway. I have not noticed any side effects and will keep it for if I am going out to somewhere and know it will be a high calorie meal. Just take this before I go and it makes that meal more normal. Needs to come down in price though.


Aug 15, 2016 by Carol Mccoy

I have started xls medical todayso I cant say if it works but after reading the reviews I am impressed enough to try for myselfe, I will be putting a review on as soon as I havehopefully lost some weight, I see on one of the reviews someone said that they take their tab after meals but my pagage tells me to take 2tabs halfe an hour befor my main meal twice aday, can anyone advise please

not the answer to weight loss for me

Aug 13, 2016 by Sheryl P

I had been taking the Direct sachets for 10 days and not only had I increase weight by 1/2 stone but felt like a beached whale. My stomach had expanded so much I could only wear loss cloths and was unable to jog, which I do 3 times a week because I felt so blotted. I have stopped taking these now and over the following 10 days gradually lost that blotted feeling and am able to resume my normal exercise and fit into my cloths again as well as loss the extra weight. This was a complete waste of time for me and money.

not a magic pill 😮

Feb 11, 2016 by SJ

I'm seeing a lot of one star reviews from people who have taken it for only a short period. This is not a magic pill all it does is reduce calorie absorption by a third. You are not going to notice a difference in 10 days. I for one have taken the tablets for 3 months and I am now seeing consistent weight loss. I did not experience any noticeable weight loss in 10 days. Get real people :/

Weight Gain

Feb 02, 2016 by Tracey

I bought XLS Max Strength, as I only wanted to lose about 7lb and following Slimming world diet plan, and had been stuck for about a year, I've taken these for 10 days so far, had 2 'naughty' days / nights out for food and drink, in 2 weeks, and I've put a 1lb on, but it actually feels more.
I'll buy another 10 days, as it says you should a difference after 10 days, I'm trying to stay positive 🙂

XlS medical

Nov 05, 2015 by Mary Theseira

I exercise every day also walk my dogs, but after taking the above, I did not lose the weight they advertised. I also do not eat takeaway food but healthy home cooked food with no mid meal snacks. What a waste of money this was.

XLS Medical Maximum

Oct 15, 2015 by jane

I bought these tablets after reading and researching how they worked.
I have been trying to diet for some time and have been losing very slowly whenever I calorie control. However as I am over 50 and peri-menopause have found it disheartening not to achieve any significant weight loss. Usually i lose around 7Ibs and it plateaus for weeks and i get demoralised and \"Go of the wagon\". I started a careful calorie controlled diet and began taking XLS Medical Maximum and followed it exactly as stated and I have lost 14lbs in 4 weeks! I now feel well motivated to continue this plan and have another 2-3 stone to go. i have managed to get a good deal through a major chemist web site that allow you to buy this at around half the price if you get it in bulk. I am now armed with 3 months supply and have this as my plan to reach a good outcome for me. I hope this helps others as it appears to be helping me.

weight increase

Sep 22, 2015 by sharon

According to the marketing I'm supposed to see weight lose after 3 days so far I'm increasing weight significantly. Additionally I'm cutting out sugar and dairy to help and I've cut my kilojoules to 3500 per day. Hopefully this will help.


Sep 21, 2015 by yvonne

hi there i bought the xls medical I've been taking them for 10 days now and I've cut down on what i eat i take two tablets after food i have not even lost any weight what so ever what am i doing wrong how long must i keep talking them before i see some weight loss


Jun 14, 2015 by Patricia

I have been taking this tablets now 2 after every meal, I do keep an eye on what I eat and I only drink on a Saturday night which is a bottle of white wine. I am very depressed about this as I bought them to loose weight and I find myself being very bloated on them, my size 14 clothes are tight on me I see myself having to buy size 16 on these tablets I just don't know what I am doing wrong I exercise maybe someone could give me tips on what I am doing wrong all I know is I am very depressed about my weight I am 5 ft. 1 and I think I weigh 12 stone not sure as I haven't weighed myself. I only know I am not happy and not the getting the results I want

They do work

Jun 06, 2015 by Mary

I started taking them without much expectation as I have taken a lot of diet pills and they have never worked on me as I suffer from Hypothyroidism and eat normally. After 3 weeks I have noticed that I have lost almost a size and my face and lower body have shrunk. I have eaten normally and taken care of the carbs mainly.
I\'m very please with the results and haven\'t had any side effects so far.

DSL max strength

Jun 02, 2015 by Carole Bell

I have used Xls max strength for ten days & have put on 9lbs. How is that possible

my experience with xls

Apr 04, 2015 by shanie

I have tried the xls sachets for 15wks now the only loss ive has is in my purse, infact ive had a 5lb gain not the answer for me im afraid.

Review from a PCOS sufferer.

Jan 23, 2015 by MYOB

Before I started using these tablets I weighed in at 16st 2lbs which is quite a lot for someone who is only 5' 2" tall. Because I suffer from PCOS my GP told me that I needed to lose the weight if I was to have kids so I was desperate to get rid of it - the sooner the better.

While in a popular high street chemist I noticed XLS Medical and though I would give it a go especially as it was on offer at the time. While taking them I followed their suggestions and ate healthy meals and did more exercise. My scales were reporting a pretty significant loss in weight within 1 week (3 lbs!).

In 6 weeks I had lost 1 stone and now 9 weeks since I started them I am on track to lose another stone in the same time. Up until I came across XLS I had always used my PCOS as an excuse for not really trying to lose weight - I never thought I would be able to mange it long term. But now I am so happy with how this is working out. I would definitely recommend these supplements to anyone looking to lose weight PCOS or not. Good luck.

Nov 19, 2014 by M.J

They seemed to work after taking them for 2 month but they did not stop me from feeling hungry.

Response: They are not designed to suppress your appetite. XLS Medical is a fat binder which stops the absorption of fat that you eat into your system.

Jun 24, 2013 by Donna

I have already been taking this for some time now and I've lost 9lbs! Maybe it doesn't seem like a great deal in 1 month but it is what I love about it. Weight reduction isn't fast and hence controllable. I'm not losing lots of weight quickly, so I'm able to shed weight nearly naturally and integrate it well with exercise.

Jun 24, 2013 by cath

I have been taking these supplements for a few weeks now and I am so happy with the results.I exercise just about everyday and do not begrudge myself at all when it comes to food except for fizzy drinks.I only drink diet.

XLS Supplements

Jun 21, 2013 by JOE

I've just been using this product for 2 weeks and I have lost 5lb. I'll continue to work with it. I'm in my forties and put on weight quite fast if I am not too careful. Through hard work I am now at a weight I am comfortable with and these supplements are helping me to keep my weight (I can now have some of those treats that I've previously denied myself!)

lost 10lbs in 2 weeks!!

Jun 21, 2013 by jenny

I have been losing about 2lbs a week for the summer. I started taking XLS Medical and staying with the same diet plan. I could not believe it when after 2 weeks I had really lost 10lbs! I found it made me a bit bloated at first but they work well.

expensive and do not work

Jun 21, 2013 by FG

Until you have bought them what you do not realise it is that the box of 60 pills costing around twenty quid is only going to last you around ten days. Complete waste of money and I was constipated the entire time I took them, absolutely rubbish, do not waste your money folks.

Response: You are not going to notice any difference when taking them for just 10 day and you can buy them for around half as much if you buy 1 month pack for the right store - see the price comparison list (link top right).

Lost 15kg in 4 months

Jun 18, 2013 by britK

I took XLS Medical 4 months, and I lost 15 kg. I could detect the effect following the initial three months. I took the merchandise according to the directions in the flyer.

I learned about these products from some advertisement in the Web. I was fascinated, as I had difficulties with my weight and desire. For me it wasn't a simple choice to begin getting the product.

Beforehand, I created a marketing research. I used to be terrified. In the Internet forums I read a lot about all sorts of products which just resulted in a yo yo effect along with side effects. I picked Vitaslim LIGHT as it was the single product folks didn't complain about. Those that had tried it shared favorable experience and were satisfied with the results.

Obviously, I was doubtful at the start. However, all I'd found out about this product seemed to be accurate. And the main factor for me was there were no negative effects whatsoever. I have already been keeping my weight the same for five months now, the extra pounds are gone, and I feel lively and toned!

May 20, 2013 by sam.t

I've been taking xls-medical for 5 days now, no side effects, no issues whatsoever, they're simple to take not disagreeable and so far have lost 3pound this week, feel completely fine on them. I will see how they go over an extended amount of time and review again

Great weiglt loss aid

May 20, 2013 by Andy

They just work. I was on a low fat diet for ages but the amount I was losing really began to slow so I thought I would try XLS Medical to see if they could shift weight that I couldn't by just dieting. I was not holding out much hope but was pleasantly surprised and they helped me lose 12 lbs in 2 months - much faster than before. Make sure you drink plenty of water though as you can get a bit bloated otherwise. the 180 packs seem to be the best value for money at the moment and prices are slowly dropping.

xls review

May 18, 2013 by becks

Get the dosage right and these pills work well. If you really want to get the full effect you need to take three pills after each meal. Once you reach your target weight reduces to 2. It seems to work for me.

XLS Medical

May 16, 2013 by jackie

I started taking this product a few months ago, I initially bought it from Boots but since found it is much cheaper online. So far I have lost one and a half stone in just four months – this is after years of trying fad diets and going to the gym. My problem is a lack of willpower and conviction if you were similar to me I would recommend these as you can achieve results easily.

xls works great

May 10, 2013 by lucym

works great, no side effects. I have been taking them for 2 months in an effort to lose 2 stone before the summer holidays. so far I have lost 16 lbs so I should manage it I think. recommended if you find it hard to lose more than a few lbs, like me.

, USA 3.0 5.0 33 33 I have just started today so will update my review as I go along. I've weighed myself and coming in at 12st 3.5lbs ...... fingers crossed