A New Way To Take XLS Medical On The Move

By | March 18, 2014

sticksThe developers of  the UKs most popular diet pill have recently launch a new form of their weight management product. XLS Medical Fat Binder Direct has the same formulation as the tablets but comes in a powder stick form so you don’t need water to take it.

This offers several advantages over the traditional tablet:

  • You can take these powder stick whenever and wherever you like – as you don’t need to have a drink they are perfect for people with busy lifestyles.
  • Contains the same “lose three times more weight formula as the tabs – clinically proven and a natural active ingredient.
  • They come a luscious berry flavour.

There is a disadvantage however:

  • More expensive than tablets

There is no intention of these powder stick to replace the caplets in any way. They are just designed for the times when you need to take some but a tablet is just not convenient.

How many do you take after a meal?

directJust one powder stick after every meal does the job. You should not exceed 3 sticks per day.


After a long wait the are now available to order in the UK. Check today’s prices here.


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