How Much Does XLS Medical Cost?

By | June 3, 2014

costYou may want to use a supplement to lose excess body weight but does it come at a price? Just how much is XLS Medical? And how much can you save by shopping for it online?

Luckily you have come to the right place, answering these questions are what this website is all about. On this page we maintain an up to date price comparison list so you can easily find the best deal any time.

Pack Sizes.

Where ever you buy these supplements, or any other popular supplement for that matter, you are nearly always going to pay less per tablet if you go for the bigger pack sizes.

XLS comes in many different sized packs including 30 tabs (the call this one the trial pack and will last you 5 whole days!), 60, 120, 180 and multiples  of 180 tab packs all the way to 540 tabs (3 months supply). Which one do you think gives you the best value for money? Yes, no surprises here, the 540 (3×180) deal. You will pay over £100 for it online but you will be getting the supplements at around 21p each. By comparison by a 60 tab pack and you will pay over 35p per tab online.

High Street Prices

Just to give you an idea of what some (less well informed) people are spending on the XLS fat binder tablets. Buy them in a high street pharmacy/superstore and you will be paying full price (don’t be scare off by these prices, you can get them for much less). How much is that?

  • 180 tablet pack = £59.99 (33.3p / supplement)
  • 120 tablet pack = £47.99 (40p / supplement)
  • 60 tablet pack = £24.99 (41.7p / supplement)

Buying Online : How Much Can You Save?

The answer to this is quite a bit, currently (at the time of writing this) around 40%. Buy 3 months supply (540 tablets) and you will pay just 21.1 p per tablet. Buy 1 months supply and pay just 21.7 p per tablet.

This works out at around £1.30 per day if you follow the recommended dosage of 6 per day.

So to answer the question how much does XLS Medical cost?

  • Buy Online: £1.30 – £2.20 / day*
  • Buy from a high street store: £2.00 – £2.50 / day*

*cost is calculated for a dosage of 6 tablets per day.

As you can see if saving money when you by these tablets is any sort of priority to you then you need the shop online for them as you will be paying around 65% of the high street cost, and that is with delivery costs factored in too. But which online store has the best deal? Simply take a look at today’s price list for the tablets or the sachets.

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