XLS Medical vs. Adios Challenge

By | October 17, 2014


Both XLS Medical and Adios are pills that help in reducing calorie intake in order to reduce weight. With over weight and obesity being quite rampant in the 21st century, these pills and others like them are in quite high demand. It’s the demand that lead to the mushrooming of many companies that develop and produce these diet pills. As a result, choosing a diet supplement or a weight reducing pill has become a tricky affair given all the available choice in the market today.

Adios product sales mostly are as a result of the reputation they have created and some traditional faiths and believes and not scientific evidence or clinical tests. On the other hand XLS Medical, Omega Pharma product, influences the market through its company’s good reputation and its products that are well known with readily available information about them.


XLS Medical’s active ingredient is Litramine which is extracted from pear leaves. In addition, it contains some soluble vitamins.

Adios places emphasis on the herbal ingredient that have traditionally been used in home remedies and as slimming aids and proved to give recommendable results. Fucas, a seaweed with high iodine levels, is the main ingredient.

How they work.

Adios is quite vague in how the active ingredients work resulting to weight loss. Fucas is seen as to provide iodine in the body and thus boosting its metabolism. This results in burning up of more calories and consequently a weight loss.

XLS Medical provides insoluble fibre that enhances the binding of fats in the stomach. The resulting complex fibre is too large to be absorbed in the body and hence, a few calories are taken in to the body. This results in you losing weight.


A packet of 100 Adios tablets goes for around £8. They are readily available in most supermarkets, pharmacies and in many retail outlets. Despite this low cost, lack of clinical evidence on Adios slimming power is still a big blow to its market and many consider it a waste of money.

XLS costs around £40 for a packet of 180 tablets which is to be used for a month. It has a large number of retailers which includes Amazon which is an online platform. This parades it as amongst the most expensive diet pills despite the fact that it only has one active ingredient. Due to its good end results, it has a huge customer base that Adios does not.

And the winner is…

In every sense apart from the cost, XLS Medical is superior to Adios. It becomes quite difficult to recommend Adios due to the fact that there is very little information provided about it strength, clinical experiments and active ingredients. In addition, it has a limited effect on weight loss and thus spoils its reputation.

Despite the high cost of these tablets, many people believe in it due to its scientific back up of information. This clearly shows how its active ingredients achieve their role. As a result, its market thrives all over the world over despite the many competitors it faces.

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