XLS Medical vs. Alli

By | December 11, 2014

xls-v-alliAlli and XLS Medical weight loss products are among the most popular weight loss supplements in the market. From my own experience I felt that people have difficulties deciding on which one to go for as their success results tend to be the same. This review has been written to assist you to make the right decision on the one that will best suit you, rather than going with the crowd.


XLS Medical is a slimming pill supplement that works by binding fat and prevents 27% of fat consumed being absorbed into the body. The fat that is bound is naturally eliminated through normal bowel movement. Its primary ingredient is Litramine, a natural fibre registered trademark complex that is tender and the readily accommodated by the stomach.

On the side of the coin, Alli is also a fat binder who active ingredient is the manufactured chemical Orlistat. It works effectively only on a low calorie diet and a healthy lifestyle. The insistence on an active, healthy lifestyle is a requirement for Alli to help you shed weight is rather important.

The Shared Benefits

As fat binders, both Alli and XLS Medical are relatively safer than other weight loss supplements. That is, they solely focus on how the stomach manages consumed fat, and does not interfere with metabolism and other body functions, keeping you safe from the health hazards related to taking appetite suppressants and fat burning tablets.

Both of these supplements:

  • Absorbs gastrointestinal fat, making the digestion process impossible (XLS-Medical absorbs up to 27% of ingested fat, while Alli binds up to 26-27%).
  • Are clinically tested, Alli’s primary ingredient Orlistat has undergone through investigation as had Litramine.
  • Have undergone many studies on their effectiveness and safety of use.
  • Offer wide supporting information such as dieting plans, informative articles and client support though forums and diet plans.
  • Helps you lose more weight than dieting alone: (Alli assists you to shed 50% more weight that you would do normally, while XLS helps you to lose 3 times the weight you would do with dieting alone).

The Dark Side of Alli

alli-tabletsAlli gets results – there is no doubt about it. It is just that it has a number of requirements that unless adhered to strictly, it can impact negatively on you.

The prerequisites range from the usual, common sense ones, such as sticking to a low calorie diet and working out regularly. To more that are quite demanding and quite frustrating, such as checking your calorie count and also making sure you do not over-consume fatty foods: It is not possible to get more than 30% of your overall calorie intake from fat, it can lead to unpleasant side effects.

Alli is not a natural product (unlike XLS). It utilises Orlistat, a chemical compound that prevents fat binding in the stomach and has been used in high doses in obesity treatment supplements such as the prescription only pill Xenical. Although the Orlistat dose in Alli (60mg) is less that of Xenical, most users report unpleasant side effects:

  • Cause diarrhoea and frequent bowel emptying.
  • Oil spotting that is uncontrollable and cannot be withheld.
  • Causes vitamin A, E and deficiencies
  • Exacerbation of these negative effects if the food that you eat goes beyond the 30% limit of calories from fat.

The Reasonable Alternative to Alli

xls-medical-tabletsXLS  is a better weight loss option for the below reasons:

  • It contains natural ingredients that give results similar to the chemical ones, but with no undesirable or embarrassing side effects.
  • It makes up for the non-absorption of vitamin A, D and E, by making these vitamins part of the tablets.
  • Widely researched and these tests and research show efficacy.
  • Researched for its tolerance abilities and safety, showing how gentle it is and well tolerated.
  • Its primary ingredient Litramine is a patented medical tool Class LLB.

As an added bonus it also promotes satiety (you feel full earlier so eat less), as 90% of patients reported experiencing a greater feeling of fullness.

Making informed decisions instead of following the crowd or emotional urges is important. Learning the difference between these two popular diet pill can assist you to make the right choice and loose weight naturally, safely and effectively. Based on the above stated facts and studies, I vote XLS Medical to be the ideal fat binding option.

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