Where To Buy XLS Medical?

By | May 1, 2014

Just want to know where to buy XLS Medical from at the lowest price without having to read me waffling on below? Check out our price comparison chart.

priceIf you are looking for the best deal and lowest price you can buy this popular fat binder for but don’t have the time to scour the net for the next 30 minutes comparing prices you have come to the right page/site.

XLS prices can vary considerably online depending on which pack size you order and website you order from. Just take a look at our price comparison page: Find the best deal (at the top of the chart) and you will pay around 21p per tablet, pick the worst (at the bottom of the chart) and you will pay around 36p per tablet, over 70% more! Here we will analyse the current prices to determine what choices you need to make to save yourself the most money.

Which size pack should I get?

180 x 3 = 540 tablets (3 months supply)

It will come as no surprise that generally the bigger the order the better the deal you are ultimately going to get. If you can fork out for 3 month supply (three 180 packs) in one go then you will be able to save money in the long run (as long as you intend taking them for 3 month or more) by using the lowest price per supplement deal online currently and buying the 540 pack of XLS Medical from Pharmacy 2U (that’s 21.1p per tablet).

180 tablets (1 month supply)

If you want to order no more that 1 months supply (180 tabs) then Amazon.co.uk is the next best offer price wise. Amazon’s price to fluctuate though – sometimes they have great deals and sometime their deals are a bit of a rip-off – always check our table before buying).

60 & 120 packs

Looking at the chart you will notice that as pack sizes get smaller then the price per tablet get greater. Though I am not sure why people would order a pack of 60 which would only last 10 days – it’s hardly going to make a difference to their weight. But if you really must buy these 60 or 120 sized packs again Pharmacy 2U is the site to go to though you will be paying around 50% more per tablet.

Which website to order from

All the stockists of XLS Medical we list in our price comparison chart are reputable UK based companies who have been operating for many years and have thousands of happy customers. Having said that many will still only order stuff from websites with which they are familiar like Amazon or Boots. At the time of writing this ordering from either of those will get you a pretty good deal – but that is not always the case.

There are some other stockists in our list which are often at the top with the lowest price including Chemist Direct, Pharmacy First and Pharmacy 2U (the current top deal). You can’t go wrong ordering from these pharmacies. They all have a large and happy customer base often deliver fast than the big names.

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