Where To Find The Cheapest XLS Medical Online

By | June 21, 2013

As we already have the most comprehensive XLS Medical price comparison list here on thefatbinder.co.uk this post may be seem a bit of an overkill but I really want to drive this point home to anyone who is going to buy XLS online (or off-line for that matter):

Check this list for the lowest price or at the very least just buy your XLS Medical from Amazon.co.uk.

Update: 4/1/2016

 Amazon.co.uk is the place to buy your XLS Medical (in all formats: fat binder tabs, max strength and direct) the great deals will probably only last fot the duration of January so buy them them up while they’re cheap.

Update: 14/1/2015

Pharmacy2U are back on top with the best deal but you need to buy in bulk to get it (2 or 3 months supply). Otherwise Amazon.co.uk is a good alternative with the lowest price for 1 months worth (180 tabs)

We often see fluctuations in prices at the start of a new year not least because it is when they sell the most of these sorts of products. This new year some of the pricing is a little odd as the best deals for the tablets to be had are the 120 packs (20 day supply)! Not the larger and usually better value 180 tab packs. These prices beat all previous prices so make the most of them while they last. The deals can be found at Amazon.co.uk and Lloyds Pharmacy.

Phamacy2U currently have the best deal overall deal for the tablets as long as you are happy to buy 3 months worth in one go. This deal (priced at £116.99 for 540 tabs) represents the best value for money anywhere online and if you are serious about taking it you will probably need 3 months worth anyway. Can’t afford to spend over one hundred pound on weight loss pills in one go the get a months supply (180) from Amazon.co.uk (the next best deal)

Even though PharmacyFirst have had the best deal throughout 2013 I am constantly seeing people buying their supplements from Boots. Why on earth would you spend £60 on a month’s supply when you get it for nearly half as much elsewhere. Okay so Boots is a household name but so is Amazon.co.uk and although you may never have heard of PharmacyFirst they are an established and reputable online pharmacy which has been operating in the UK for many years and has thousands of happy customers.

180180 packs

Update: 4/1/2016

Amazon have the cheapest price for one month supply packs with Chemist Direct coming second

Both Amazon and Pharmacy2U currently have the lowest price for 180 packs (1 months supply) and have done so for some time. The current price of £39.99 with free delivery has been available from both merchants for quite a few months now. Boot have recently improved their deals on XLS tablets (moving them to third place) offering the 180 pack for the same price but with £2.95 delivery).

As I write this the best deal online is again from PharmacyFirst who are selling packs of 180 (one month supply) for £34.59 with free delivery. Or you could go for the second-best option which is from Amazon for a little over £37 for 180 pills. In contrast at Boots.com you could buy 180 for £59.99 (if you liked throwing money away).

6060 packs

Maybe you like buying your XLS medical in packs of 60 (10 days supply) – and I’m not sure why you would as you would be paying approximately 65% more.

Update: 4/1/2016

Again Amazon have the best deal, although you would be far better off buying 180’s

Chemist Direct are currently offering the lowest price on 60 tablet packs: 17.99 + £3.49 (delivery) will get you 10 days supply which works out at around 36p per tablet (compare to 22p for the larger packs)

The best deal again is that PharmacyFirst followed closely by Pharmacy2U – both at around about £17. or you could shop and boots.com like many do and pay £26!

direct_300wDirect (Sachets)

New in 2014 are the XLS Medical Direct sachets enabling you to take XLS without a drink. One important thing to note about these are that one sachet contains the same amount of active ingredient as two tablets. They can currently be ordered in packs of 30 (10 days supply) or 90 (1 month supply) or multiple there of. On a day to day basis the are not as good value as the tablets and probably never will be but you are of course paying for the extra convenience.

Currently Amazon.co.uk has the best offer for both 30 and 90 sachet packs with Boots.com a close second. As these become more popular and bulk deal become available I am sure that prices will come down.

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