XLS Medical from Boots, or is there a better deal?

By | January 20, 2014

boots_logoThe words “XLS Medical Boots” is a very popular search term shoppers use in search engines such as Google and Bing. I guess people find it reassuring to buy stuff online from websites they are familiar with and trust.

But if you do order your XLS or nearly any other pharmaceutical product online from the Boots website you are probably going to pay  much more compared to using a less well known online pharmacy.

Case in point:

  • 180 tablets from Boots (1 months supply) currently (at the time of writing) costs £47.99 with free delivery. This works out at about £0.27 per tablet.
  • You can get exactly the same 180 tab packet from Amazon.co.uk for £38.20 with free delivery saving yourself nearly £10 – and you can not get any more trustworthy than Amazon – this deal works our at about £0.21 per tablet. This is currently the best option if you don’t want to order more than 1 months supply at a time.
  • But if you want to save the most money you should buy double packs from Pharmacy First @ £69.99 (for 360 tabs or 2 months supply) with free delivery included. This deal will save you £13 per month compare to buying from the Boots website (if you are using these supplements long term that is a saving of £156 per year!). You may not have heard of the online pharmacy before but Pharmacy First is a fully registered UK based pharmacy with many happy customers and favourable reviews. This deal works out at around £0.19 per tablet. Note that by using this deal you are actually getting the product at precisely half the Recommended Retail Price.

So if you want save £13 per month:

Don’t buy from from Boots (unless they have a special deal on)

For a full list of today’s best deals take a look at our price comparison list.

Update (1/5/2014)

Just need to update this post as Boots have just reduced the price they are selling these tablets for considerably (maybe they read this post 🙂 elevating them to 5th on the comparison list. The deal as it stands is a months supply (180 tabs) for £39.99 instead of there usual £59.99. It can still be bought for less elsewhere (Amazon and Pharmacy 2U) but buying it from Boots.com is currently not such a bad thing. We will see how long it lasts and update here once/of the promotion ends.

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