XLS Medical Review – Month 1

By | September 11, 2013

1218187_lgI’ve taken to the weight-loss challenge, to lose weight for my wedding. I’m doing this using a mixture of eating only a healthy, balanced diet, attending a gymnasium and seeking to not have an excessive amount of wine.

I was asked if I’d like to assist my weight loss using the United Kingdom’s No 1 weight loss pill XLS Medical. After reading into it, side effects etc. (there weren’t any recognized when myself and other bloggers received them to review) I chose to go on and give them a bash. I’m a girl who must slim down. I’ll take any additional help I could

The pills are easy to take – 2 after every meal with water. 3 if it’s a high fat meal. The most you can take in a single day is 6 tablets.

The thing I liked about XLS Medical is that they’re naturally-derived and don’t mess with your body’s normal workings. Just what I like!

I’m going to test its effectiveness in 3 phases. This is mainly because of being provided with three month supply of of the supplements and believed the very best way I could do it is at the end of every month.

This first month I’ve been slightly lazy and piggish, (is that a word?) on the healthy eating front. There have been some times where all I have wanted to eat is processed foods. Dips, crisps and nuts and chocolate are my downfall. And there is one-week I didn’t lose any fat, didn’t gain any thankfully – just stayed the same. And I put that down to the XLS medical I was using. Had I not been using them I would have put on weight for certain. In my other weekly weigh-ins I’ve lost 2-3pound and that’s not cutting back on food, only eating normally plus a few sessions in the gym.

Within the past 30-days I’ve lost 9lbs – go me.That includes the week I didn’t lose any weight at all.

How can a naturally derived pill (with no side effects) be so effective? This the science component behind it:

XLS Medical works like most fat binders in that it lowers the absorption of dietary fat by causing the fat to form a viscous fat-fibre complex too big to penetrate the wall of your intestine so I does not get absorbed by your body. This fat-fibre complex is removed naturally in the body within the stools, whenever you go to the bathroom. You shouldn’t detect any difference to your normal bowel movements, even though you must drink enough water to avoid getting constipated.

You should not take these supplements, if any of the sentences below apply to you:

  • You are pregnant or likely to become pregnant or are are breast-feeding.
  • You eat liver or liver products once or more per week, with any other products containing retinol (these supplements also include vitamin A as retinol).
  • If you may be susceptible to osteoporosis.
  • Your BMI is lower than 18.5.

Please seek medical advice from your GP before using XLS Medical, for those who have some underlying health issues like high cholesterol, and so on.

I’ll add another review next month to let you all know how it’s going.

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