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Max StrengthMax Strength

Their most powerful supplement to date. Unlike their other supplements which block absorption from one food type this one reduces calorie intake from three: fats, sugars and carbohydrates. It has been show to be 3x more effective than dieting alone.

appetite-reducer-150x150Appetite Reducer

Works very differently from other XLS tablets. It works as an appetite suppressant. Taking 2 before a meal partially fills you stomach so you need to eat less for before feeling full. As you require less food (and fewer calories) to satisfy your hunger this can quickly transform into weight loss also improving eating habits (smaller potions) increasing the chances of longer term success.

fat-binder-150x150Fat Binder

Their original weight loss tablet works by blocking calorie abortion for fats in the stomach. It will enable you to lose three times as much weight compared to dieting alone. All ingredients contained in the tablet are naturally derived (no chemicals) so you will not experience any unpleasant side effects taking them. Works great for people with high fat diets.

How much weight can I lose using these supplements?

graph-smallHow much you actually lose is different for each person but if you cut your calorie intake by say 500 calories, clinical trails suggest that using XLS Medical in conjunction with your diet will increase the weight lost by a factor of 3. So if you expect to lose 1 lbs in a week of dieting, take these supplements and you should lose 3 lbs a week instead.

How does it work?

27-percent-fat-absorbedLike all fat binders it works by binding the fat you eat in your stomach so that your body cannot absorb it. Trials show that these supplements bind 27% of all dietary fat consumed, thereby reducing fat intake by over a quarter. In essence this fat ends up going down the toilet instead of being used by your body.

Use it in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet and your body will need get some of its energy by burning the fat stored on your hips and thighs rather than from consumed food – so you lose weight.

When will I start to see results?

Although the makers of XLS Medical recommend that you use their supplement for at least twelve weeks, you should notice measurable weight loss within the first four weeks.

 Are there any side effects?

Side effects are very rare due to the fact that all the ingredients are sourced from natural sources. Trails have shown that is the vast majority of users experience no effects other than it’s slimming effects.

Why are these supplement so popular?

I’m sure you are aware that there are many weight loss management pills. There are even quite a few fat binders on the market which you could choose from. So what is so special about XLS Medical? There are a number of features which this one has that most other do not.

    1. Clinically proven to work. Its (or more specifically its active ingredient Litramine’s) effectiveness has been the focus of a number of scientific trails – all conclude that it effectively binds fat and helps people lose weight.
    2. Endorsed by celebrities. Writer Helen Lederer and singer Mica Paris both endorse XLS. OK this is not mean that it is the a better slimming tool than one which has no celebrity endorsements, but it they are unlikely to endorse a product which makes false claims. It also partly accounts for it’s popularity.
    3. Made from natural ingredients. Unlike another popular diet pill (Alli) this one contains no chemicals, it is not absorbed and does not interfere with your body in any way. So unlike Alli has none of the unpleasant side effects.
    4. No miracle pill nonsense. I think most have cottoned on to lack of merit in claims made by many diet pills. These miracle pills – even if they did what they claimed to do – are not the answer to healthy long term weight loss. They simply help you to lose three time as many lbs than dieting alone. Combine it with a healthy diet and exercise and you will reach you target three time quicker.

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Clinical Trails

The effectiveness of active ingredient in XLS Medical, Litramine, has been put to the test several times to see whether it can absorb 27%  of dietary fat. Two of them conducted by the developers of the supplement involved giving volunteers Litramine before meals or an equivalent placebo dose over a number of days. The studies found that the participants which took the real Litramine tablets “lost significantly more body weight compared to placebo”. Also in the results:

  • You can lose 3 times as much weight compared to simply dieting.
  • The fat binder reduces fat absorption by up to 27%
  • It has no unpleasant side effects
  • It suppresses the appetite: 80% of participants taking the Litramine tablets said they felt fuller.
  • It reduces the level of LDL cholesterol by 10% when taken for 14 days.

 direct_300wXLS Medical Direct

Developed for use on the go “Direct” come in the form of sachets so that you can take a dose without having to have a drink. Apart from the fact that each sachet is the equivalent of two tablets, the sachets and the tablets are identical.

You can find the latest price comparison for these sachets here.

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